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This was a horribly bad episode. One of the suckiest in six seasons. I have absolutely nothing more to say about it.
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 I'd like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Thanks [personal profile] x5vale , [personal profile] too_rational , [personal profile] green_apple  and anyone else I'm forgetting.

Special thanks to my dear friend 

[personal profile] thewickedquill  aka Shay for the pretty bundle of gifts that she sent me. Sweetie, that was my first gift of the day and a dear one at that. You don't have to give me something every year... no matter how tiny! Love you and miss you!



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So, yeah, the day wasn't completely rot, like a lot of my birthdays have been, usually because I always go in expecting too much. But because I had no expectations, I guess it wasn't too bad either.

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So I've been watching the first couple of seasons of BtVS. And it just makes me feel so weird. So wow! I literally grew up watching it. It was my introduction to American television I guess. Atleast I don't remember much before it. But yeah, so many childhood/teenage memories are linked to this show. Waiting for it, week after week, being all excited and jumpy, squeeing when they announced a new season to be aired here, praying for Buffy and Angel to make it, that first look into love, tortured angsty love. (I still believe that's where my sick fascination for angst comes from.) But yeah, the whole point is, there is no point. Just some beautiful memories attached to it. I don't feel attached to any show, the way I loved this show. I stopped watching after Season 5, only saw the last few episodes of the show because it was the end, ya know. But only while re-watching it after years, I'm hit by this melancholia. I think the only other shows that would come close to making me feel this way would be Full House, Friends and a couple of Hindi TV shows. But nothing like this. Eh, just being silly. But it feels so good. ::sigh::
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So I went to the Orthopedic surgeon today. He told me its a bad ligament tear, and that I should have come earlier. So now he didn't plaster the ankle with POP but instead with some kinda stick crepe bandage. Anyway he says that I can't put any weight on my foot for at least a fortnight, so I'm currently on crutches now. They are hateful and uncomfortable and severely movement restricting. Gah! I'm a good mind to sue the skywalk people, who's brand new barely used skywalk stair gave away under my foot causing so much pain. Plus doctor's bills and since, I'm not working, costing my a chunk of my meager slave wages too. And mental trauma at being cooped up in the house with my family. So much mental trauma.


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