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 I'd like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Thanks [personal profile] x5vale , [personal profile] too_rational , [personal profile] green_apple  and anyone else I'm forgetting.

Special thanks to my dear friend 

[personal profile] thewickedquill  aka Shay for the pretty bundle of gifts that she sent me. Sweetie, that was my first gift of the day and a dear one at that. You don't have to give me something every year... no matter how tiny! Love you and miss you!



Erm, so how was my day, well, all in all, it was pretty okay. I'll start with the bad. I had a huge fight with my sisters a couple of days back. It was a bunch of small things that came together along with a big thing and I just got so sick of them, I was ready to cut them off. Things are still not okay with them but better. Anyway so yeah, I'm fighting with them but circumstances means I'm living with them as well, so you can guess how well my birthday was ushered in.

Then, my friend of more than fifteen years and best friend for more than five, forgot to call me. I found it very hard to forgive considering her birthday falls four days later. She's a hotel management trainee and working fourteen hour shifts, so I've been tolerating all her excuses about no time to meet or speak or basically have a life. But forgetting my birthday is a big fat no. So I called her just before it struck midnight and gave her a piece of my mind. She felt very guilty and pleaded forgiveness a lot but I wasn't in a merciful mood. We spoke for a few minutes where I told her how with everything with the family; I could have used my friend and then hung up.

Now to the good parts of the day. Thanks to my leg, I still have bi-weekly sessions of physiotherapy. Over two months and more than 40 sessions later, I've gotten to know all the doctors in the physiotherapy department well. It helps that they're mostly girls and around the same age as me. Anyway I guess one of them found out it was my birthday through Facebook or my doctor's report or something and they surprised me with chocolates and wishes. I felt very nice because upto that point my day had been nothing to talk about.

Afters, I took my little brother to lunch at McDonald's because his birthday comes in between my exams and for him, McDonald's is gourmet food. ::grin:: I came back home and was ready to get back to studying (which usually means nodding off and getting some good sleep) when my cousin called and asked me to meet her at the Costa coffee shop. She's also a doctor, around my age and practices nearby, so we meet up during her breaks when I’m off work. Anyway there she blackmailed me into letting her buy me some very expensive Iced Latte even though we had agreed that I get to pay this time, and bought me a huge chunk of something called the Chocolate Tavelotta which is something like an Italian Biscotti made like a cake, dripping with chocolate. It was yummmmmmm and the first piece of yumminess I had all day.

I went home spent most of the day trying to study, and replying to the various messages I was getting along with the Facebook wall posts. At the end of the day, my younger sister's boyfriend took both of them to buy me some cake. So that helped thaw the ice a bit. More like I was forced to feed them cake since they were gracious enough to get it. The cake itself was very dry and well quite horrible, but that wasn't their fault because the cake shop in question usually has great cakes.

Anyway after that is when the above thing with my BFF happened. BFF no more! And then a while later, I went to bed and that was my day.


So, yeah, the day wasn't completely rot, like a lot of my birthdays have been, usually because I always go in expecting too much. But because I had no expectations, I guess it wasn't too bad either.

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